An ex-bullfighting bull runs towards…
Passersby offer to help a child alone --- but what happens when she is dressed differently? Put mint in an ice cube tray --- the quick way to prepare a famous cocktail at home!

An ex-bullfighting bull runs towards a man --- what follows is beautiful!

June 29, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The image of an aggressive bull as he rails against men to kill them is a traditional idea distributed and maintained by bullfighters.

In reality the bull is not a fighting animal! Quite the contrary, it is a gentle and docile herbivore.

The proof is this relationship between this man and his bull! Although, the man imitates the usual gestures of bullfighters in the arena and also wears a bright red jersey, the animal is neither nervous nor aggressive! As a matter of fact, this gentle bull instead of attacking -- starts playing with its owner . . .

Tags: AnimalsMovingEthical


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