This woman can't stop crying when she…
No new mom should spend too much time alone

This woman can't stop crying when she finds her dog: "the worst 3 months of my life"

June 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Adopting a puppy means giving a creature a chance at a new life: you welcome it into your home exactly as if it were a new member of the family. We raise it with love and patience, almost like a child. You can imagine, therefore, the desperation of waking up one day and not finding him there anymore. The dog that you loved and that has always been close to you over the last few years is gone. That's the nightmare that Nabila, an Argentine girl from Bahía Blanca, had to go through, when, for 102 days, she lived through the anguish of not seeing her beloved puppy named Congo. The woman had left the dog in the care of someone she trusted, but the puppy must have escaped. His chip would soon help relocate him, but what matters is that after three months she finally managed to hug him again!

"Never leave your dog in the care of other people," said Nabilà and, certainly, she was referring to the fact that she lost her dog Congo in these very same circumstances. Days of tremendous pain began for her: the state of anxiety due to not knowing if and when she would find her pet wore her down for 3 long months. Despite everything, the hope of seeing him soon pushed her to look for him in every place, without letting herself fall into despair.

Fortunately, after months of research, the young woman was able to hug her little dog Congo again. At the news of his discovery, Nabilà was so enthusiastic that she began to cry out loud. Obviously, there are photos that testify to the happy reunion, in which the young woman, as mentioned, is in a flood of tears. On the other hand, the emotion at finding your pet, as well as a loyal four-legged friend, is really strong. With the online publication of the photo, in which she expresses her immense joy, albeit in tears, Nabila has spread the good news to her loved ones and has also attracted the attention of many viewers on social networks. Within hours of publication, the young woman had received hundreds and hundreds of positive reactions!


The description of the photo posted on social media went something like this: "I leave you a photo of when I found him. He's called Congo and I'm from Bahía Blanca. It was the worst 102 days of my life. Never leave your dogs in the care of other people because, even if they have a chip, they might still get lost!". In short, always be vigilant and try not to lose sight of your beloved animals if you care about them!

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