A dog owner has terminal cancer, so…
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A dog owner has terminal cancer, so he decided to find a new family for his four-year-old dog

January 27, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A very sweet and gentle female dog was looking for a new family! And this time no, it was not a case of abandonment.

The owner of this four-legged canine friend, who loves his pet very much, simply knew that he had little time left to live.

Therefore, he published an announcement on social media to find a new and loving family for his beloved little dog named Galleta.

This story took place in Mexico City, and little Galleta, that was only four years old, was waiting for a new family.

Consequently, the little 4-year-old Galleta was looking for a new family, and the owner, who had been living with cancer for years realized that his health was not going to improve.

Therefore, he decided that it would not be right to just abandon Galleta in an animal shelter! He would much rather see her safe and loved in the bosom of a new family that could give her sincere love and affection.

In the Facebook announcement  where the post stood out with its warm and loving photos of Galleta, we can still read these words:

"My name is Galleta. My owner has terminal cancer, before passing away he wants to find me a family that loves me as much as he does. I am 4 years old and of medium size."

The message immediately went viral on the Internet, and fortunately, it would seem that in December 2019 Galleta was adopted and has found a new home!

In this way, her previous loving and compassionate owner will be able to rest in peace knowing that his beloved four-legged friend will continue to be happy after he has passed away.

image: Facebook
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