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A bus driver picks up a very nice lost…
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A bus driver picks up a very nice lost dog and helps him find his family

January 26, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Unexpected events can happen in everyone's life, so surprising that they manage to change even the most boring days and the most repetitive routines for the better.

For example, imagine the everyday life of a bus driver who, day after day, drives on his route and perhaps is used to always seeing the same places and the same people.

Of course, anything can happen around the city, but certainly, Hicham Boujlal would never have thought of welcoming such a special passenger on his bus.

The public transport official from Saramaki, Finland, was driving the bus to his last stop, at the end of his evening shift, when his attention was captured by a somewhat unusual scene.

On the roadside, a large dog with thick, light-colored fur was walking alone in the dark.

Intrigued, Hicham stopped and opened the door of the bus. At that point, the dog evidently thought that the driver was inviting him to come on board, for a nice ride on the bus. As if he had known the man for who knows how long, the dog climbed up the steps and sat right behind Boujlal.

After the first moment of surprise and seeing that the bus was now empty, Hicham thought he absolutely had to do something. So, he decided to call a local animal shelter once he got back to the bus depot.

But, meanwhile, the very gentle and well-mannered dog, kept Hicham company on the way back to the bus depot in the nicest way.

"He was an excellent passenger," said Boujlal, commenting on the incident. Fortunately, in addition to having found a person with a good heart, the dog's experience also had a happy ending.

In fact, after having been taken to the local animal shelter, the dog's owners were notified, and it turned out that he had left home only a few hours earlier.

Thanks to the driver's attention and altruism, therefore, the dog was able to reunite with his family, which naturally, had been very worried about his sudden disappearance.

Clearly, and fortunately, Hicham had been in the right place at the right time!


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