A dog dies of fear in the arms of its…
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A dog dies of fear in the arms of its owner because of sudden and very loud fireworks on New Year's Eve

January 18, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

On New Year's Eve, it is customary to celebrate the end of the year and the arrival of the new one with friends or relatives, in the hope that the new year will be better than the previous one.

It is on these occasions that, especially young people but not only, enjoy using firecrackers and fireworks which, if on the one hand, help to create a festive atmosphere, on the other hand, they are also excessively noisy and even lethal for some unfortunate animals.

In fact, loud noises, such as the fireworks used at the end of the year, cause incredible stress for pets such as dogs, cats, and other small animals that we keep at home.

Loud fireworks can be so stressful for these pets, that in some cases, they cannot cope and literally die of a heart attack.

Unfortunately, this is what happened to a female Boxer dog that was actually scared to death by some sudden and very loud fireworks that caused her to die in her owner's arms.     

Maguì was a sweet medium-sized Boxer who unfortunately lost her life due to a heart attack caused by the sudden, very loud, and continued "explosive" noises made by fireworks during a New Year's Eve celebration.

The incident happened on 31 December at his home in Esquel, Argentina. Antonella Modasjazh saw how her dog Maguì slowly lost her life while her eldest son hugged her and talked to her, trying to calm her down.

But all the love that Antonella's son felt for his dog, unfortunately, did not help to make Maguì's heart slow down and calm her fear. In fact, the dog passed away, in the arms of her owner, who had done everything he could to try to calm her and console her.

But when faced with the very loud and extended non-stop explosions produced by the fireworks that the severely frightened dog continued to hear, there was nothing her owner could do to save her.

The family shared their story on social networks with a very heartfelt post and photos of Maguì.

With their testimony, they wanted to try to make people aware of the effects on pets, especially dogs, of the very loud fireworks used at the end of the year.

"She was our beloved friend! Her name was Maguì and she just died. She was old and was terrified of loud fireworks. We didn't know where else to put her while others were having fun. She had a heart attack, we called all the veterinarians in Esquel to come to help us and no one came to help us! Our dog died in my son's arms, while he was begging me to call someone to come and help her."

Does it seem right to you that an animal should lose its life due to our desire to have fun at all costs? There are many warnings and reminders every year, but unfortunately, they never seem to be enough.

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