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A horse says farewell to its master…
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A horse says farewell to its master for the last time with a kiss during the funeral

April 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

If you think that animals are unable to experience grief, you are very wrong. Just like any human being who has a close friend or relative pass away, a pet that has been cared for with love and dedication suffers terribly from the loss of its owner. This is what, unfortunately, happened to Major, a horse who was very fond of his master, who had saved him from a situation of abuse and mistreatment. Major was immediately grateful for the love he received and, when his master passed away, it seems as if the horse wanted to demonstrate his affection with a "goodbye kiss". The story of this moving scene comes to us thanks to the man's daughter, Janna Grapperhaus.

Janna Grapperhaus told the story of Major, her father's horse, in a Facebook post. Unfortunately, Janna’s father has passed away and is gone forever. The horse, Major, came to them from a tragic environment: its previous owners often punished it, leaving him without food and water, in a tiny space, for days on end. Having undergone this abuse, Major no longer trusted anyone and when he arrived at Janna's father's farm, he didn't know what type of treatment he was going to face. He would kick and bite anyone who came near him. And, in time, the only one who managed to tame him and calm him down was Janna's father. With him, Major immediately established a strong bond, which lasted until the end of the man’s life. It still took Janna’s father two years before being able to ride him, but in the end, the affection that united the two of them was truly unique.

If Janna's father had been away even for one day, the horse would approach him affectionally, as if to kiss his forehead. And it was with this gesture, that the horse approached the deceased man during their last farewell. The moving scene was filmed by the man’s daughter, Janna, just as the animal approached his beloved owner.

A last heartbreaking farewell, which shows how close our animals are to us every day and how sincere and deep their affection for us is.

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