Woman hates the engagement ring she received and asks her fiancé to return it: "It's not the one I dreamed of"

Mark Bennett

April 20, 2022

Woman hates the engagement ring she received and asks her fiancé to return it:

What young woman hasn't dreamed of her wedding day from an early age? The moment when she feels like a princess and she can finally say the magic word: yes.

Maybe all women (or a good part of them), but before the big day there is another important step: the marriage proposal. And here the imagination, creativity and romance of your partner come into play. He will have to work hard to make this moment unforgettable ... but, what if something goes wrong? Mistakes and disappointments are always just around the corner - even during the beautiful moments like those just described. The subject of this story knows this very well... Let's find out why:

via TikTok / beefinnagain


TikTok / beefinnagain

This is a young woman who has decided to recount her experience on TikTok. Whatever the reason was that pushed her to do so, the girl posted a clip in which she claimed to have returned her engagement ring to her partner.

Admit it - you can't believe it, right? However, we can assure you, that's exactly what happened.

The young woman said that the marriage proposal was wonderful - unlike the ring she was presented. "I had always wanted a ring with a crown of diamonds around a larger one in the center, and the one I got was not like that at all. It was a beautiful ring, I don't deny it," she said.  "But it was not what I wanted. I was not after a ring with a big diamond - I didn't care about that. I hated the ring he gave so much, and was horrified at the idea that I would have to wear it forever," she continued.

For the young woman, accepting the ring had been a real trauma. Indeed, when she had returned home after the proposal and showed it to her mother, she burst into tears.

TikTok / beefinnagain

That same evening, she decided that she would not keep quiet about her disappointment with her fiancé - he had to know what she was feeling. As she herself said in the video, her fiancé knew her tastes very well, but at the time of choosing the ring, he had done his own thing and now had to accept the consequences.

After only 7 days after the proposal, the woman phoned her fiancé and said: "I know it will be hard to swallow, but I need you to know: I hate the ring. I am willing to wait, but I prefer to accept one that I really like".

In the video, the young woman immediately clarified that this diagreement did not affect their relationship in any way - on the contrary. Her fiancé agreed to change the ring, finally ending up giving her the one of her dreams. The fiancé appreciated her sincerity and honesty, and went out of his way to make her happy and married her just as planned.

What would you have done? Would you have acted the same way or would you have accepted the ring without protesting?