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A horse says farewell to its master for the last time with a kiss during the funeral

If you think that animals are unable to experience grief, you are very wrong. Just like any human being who has a close friend or relative pass away, a pet that has been cared for with love and dedication…

A horse approaches and consoles his mistress as soon as he hears her cry: a moving scene

As we all know, our animal friends are really very good at interpreting our moods, much more than we could imagine. With a dog or a cat, perhaps, it's easier to identify with the situation: how many of…

A 71-year-old woman asks for help to save her two elderly horses from slaughter

Saying goodbye to your pet is always very painful, whether the pet passes to a better life or whether some external factor forces us to separate. Jacqueline Binot, a 71-year-old lady has been looking…

Man frees wild horse who got tangled up in a chain: horse thanks him with a "kiss"

Sometimes people treat animals badly. We're not just talking about pets either. Unfortunately, animals who live in the wild are often victims of animal cruelty, too. No matter what the situation is, it's…

A 3-day-old mini-horse who can't stop chasing its human friend in a paddock

We often tell stories of friendships made between men, dogs or cats. Yet these common pets are not the only ones to have the "exclusive" sweetness and affection that can arise between animals and us human…

A horse enters a stranger's house and its owner confirms that the animal loves indoor spaces

In the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, the spirit of tolerance and good neighborliness is truly present more than in other cities. A horse, (a mare) named Sharq is well aware of this, and therefore, had…
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