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Man frees wild horse who got tangled up in a chain: horse thanks him with a "kiss"

Sometimes people treat animals badly. We're not just talking about pets either. Unfortunately, animals who live in the wild are often victims of animal cruelty, too. No matter what the situation is, it's…

A 3-day-old mini-horse who can't stop chasing its human friend in a paddock

We often tell stories of friendships made between men, dogs or cats. Yet these common pets are not the only ones to have the "exclusive" sweetness and affection that can arise between animals and us human…

A horse enters a stranger's house and its owner confirms that the animal loves indoor spaces

In the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, the spirit of tolerance and good neighborliness is truly present more than in other cities. A horse, (a mare) named Sharq is well aware of this, and therefore, had…
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A horse approaches a woman in a wheelchair and what follows captivates the spectators!

Lauren Barwick is a Canadian woman with a difficult personal story behind her but one that is also full of hope and love for life. When she was only a child, she began to show a particular fondness for horses and…
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He lets his horses out during a snowfall, but the reaction is not what he expected ...

Often we fall into the error of thinking that our pets are somehow immune to the cold winter temperatures, and therefore do nothing to protect them from the elements. How many times have you seen a poor…
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A filly is drowning in a river and the leader of the herd manages to save her by dragging her by her mane

The stretch of the Salt River that flows into the Tonto National Forest, Arizona is a wonderful place populated by wild horses, which live undisturbed basking in the sun and cooling off from time to time…

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