These innovative horseshoes make life…
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These innovative horseshoes make life easier for horses!

March 06, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A horse hoof is very similar to the nails that we human beings have on our fingers and toes. 

Horseshoes are fitted to horses, that assist humans in their work, not to increase adherence to the ground but to prevent the horse's natural nail from being consumed which exposes the most sensitive area under the horse's hoofs.

Although this part of the hoof has no nerve endings, traditional horseshoeing itself is invasive and for this reason, these alternative horseshoes called "Hoof Armour" are a real novelty that has been well received by all. 

These innovative horseshoes are applied externally and are made with a special rubber. They are easily removable and more shock-absorbing during a ride than normal horseshoes! Yes, this definitely, marks a new era for our equine friends!


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