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Video Inventions

They created a silicone suit for people who don't feel like building muscle in the gym

Have you always dreamed of having a perfect body without moving a muscle and without necessarily going to the gym to sweat it out three times a week? Then this new invention is just the thing for you.…

The municipality prevents him from building a garage under his house, so builds it in his own special way

Many people just don't know how to take no for an answer, they are totally focused on achieving their goals, even looking for alternative solutions, subterfuges and shortcuts. Sometimes, some of these…

He invented "igloos" for the homeless: warm and safe shelters to allow the less fortunate to survive the winter

The problem of homelessness, that is of those who live well below the poverty line, without being able to afford even a room or a warm bed to sleep in, is a structural problem that won't be solved in…

This market hung colorful umbrellas under birds' nests to protect the hatchlings from falling

At a market in Cervia, Italy, vendors found a neat and colorful way to protect swallows that had built their nests in the woodwork of the market's ceilings. Afraid that the swallows' bird droppings might…

The needle threader: the objects from the past that were used by our grandmothers when they learned how to sew

The fast and progressive advance of technology in every area of life is making our everyday lives "easier" and more immediate; from cell phones to PCs, from new forms of communication, to the latest hyper-galactic…

At 9 he invented a machine to wash his hands without touching the tap to he prevent contagion from Covid-19

Kenya has also been hit by the Coronavirus and there are those who have not wasted time trying to make their "small" contribution to the cause: Stephen Wamukota, a 9-year-old boy, invented a machine that…

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