22 brilliant objects for which it would…
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22 brilliant objects for which it would be worth spending your last dime

May 04, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Designers are undoubtedly people without limits of imagination and creativity.

They always manage to transform a very common object into something much more useful as well as more beautiful to see.

From the table sustained by dozens of balloons, to the cloud-shaped irrigation system -- which is the design object in this photo gallery that you would like to have at all costs in your home?

"Suspended" stairs for those who do not suffer from vertigo!

Donut-shaped cup.


 Floating glasses.

 A truly original USB cable.

 Only for Tetris lovers ...


A stainless steel multitool crab.

2D Wall-Mounted Lamp


A toothpick stand with a meditating guru.

Un post condiviso da PELEG DESIGN (@pelegdesign) in data:

Portable water bowl for dogs.

Un post condiviso da libero rutilo (@liberorutilo) in data:


 A table specially designed for architects.

A sofa for the garden.

A watering can juicer.

A wine bottle support with stain-shaped wine bottles.

A "merry-go-round" for the office!

Un post condiviso da Duffy London (@duffylondon) in data:

Cloud-shaped irrigation system.

Mobile keyboard in the shape of a typewriter.

Un post condiviso da PENNA (@penna_official) in data:

A transparent. ... chair.

Black metal superhero floating bookshelves.

Un post condiviso da Artori Design (@artori_design) in data:

A bookshelf that recreates the light cone from a lamp.

A table that seems to be supported by dozens of balloons.

Un post condiviso da Duffy London (@duffylondon) in data:

 A chest of drawers for for children.

Un post condiviso da Product (@p.roduct) in data:

 A chair in the shape of a hand.


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