13 exceptional tricks that will simplify…
10 creative solutions using floating tubes that will immediately convince you to stock up on them! 10 simple but effective tricks that will make every corner of your house shine again!

13 exceptional tricks that will simplify the life of each of us

May 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Would you like to know a trick to make a salad left in the fridge last a few more days? Or how to empty a closet in a matter of minutes?

No, we are not going to talk about magic or spells! These tricks are all possible in real life, you just have to know the right ones.

We reveal them here in this article so that many of you can find the solution to at least one problem that presents itself almost every day.

Knowing about these tips and tricks before would have spared everyone a lot of bother!

To pour a liquid into a small hole without making a mess, you can use a screwdriver! Any liquid poured will slide down onto the tip and will flow perfectly into the opening.

image: thetechhunter

2. Cables and cords always in disarray? No more --- with a few rolls of toilet paper!

image: macphisto23

3. The empty cardboard rolls of toilet paper are also perfect for sprouting seeds. Create your own seedbed too!

image: AsianFrenchie

4. Do you always need more than one attempt to insert a cable into a USB port? Mark the position and you will never make a mistake again.

image: ciprock

5. Here's how to prevent the power cord from falling out and causing you to lose all your work.

image: siddv/Reddit

6. Make fresh salad greens last longer? Cover it with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture.

7. To remove animal hair from fabrics and sofas, simply rub a rubber glove or a silicone mat that opens jars, over the surfaces.


8. The plastic rings used to hold scarves and belts are also useful to hang tank tops and in this way, you will no longer see them slip off clothes hangers.

9. Did you buy the wrong battery size? Here's a foolproof remedy ...


10. When you do not have the right coin to take a shopping cart, you can always try with a key.

11. Do you need to empty a wardrobe? Doing it with plastic bags is much faster.

12. The wick of big candles often ends before the wax is consumed but if you put a very small candle in the center you can still continue to use it!

13. Here is how to prevent a garbage bag from slipping down into the garbage bin.


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