18 inventions that have cleverly changed…
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18 inventions that have cleverly changed the way parents do things!

June 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Designers, as everyone knows, are always up to something! When it is your job to be creative, then you do not resign yourself to doing things the same old way.

Consequently, this is why the most ancient activity of humankind which is raising children, is being revolutionized by a series of small but clever tricks that reinterpret the things that we have always done.

We have listed 18 innovations for you that will help you in the difficult, yet, beautiful experience of being a father or mother.

 1. Portable sleeping crib

2. Baby carrier that keeps the baby and parent warm

image: amazon.com

3. Accessorized carpet for bathing

4. A diaper holder that hangs from the baby crib.

image: which.co.uk

5. Portable airplane cradle

image: zulily.com

6. A handy bottle-holder that is attached to the baby car seat.

7. A sippy cup with a double bottom to hide the medicine!


8. A baby food container with an incorporated spoon.

image: booninc.com

9. Portable ultrasound that connects to your smartphone

image: mobisante.com

 10. Pacifier with an integrated thermometer

image: gizmag.com

11. A child-friendly shower head!

image: gizmag.com

12. A pacifier that closes itself when it falls

image: diapers.com

13. Portable urinals.

14. A bicycle-baby stroller

image: tagabikes.com

15. A heat-deflecting cover for a baby car seat

image: amazon.com

16. A child-friendly camping tent

image: kidco.com

17. A baby monitor connected to your smartphone

image: amazon.com

18. A lovely flower-shaped baby bathtub


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