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25 inventions that would make you a…
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25 inventions that would make you a very happy person!

January 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When it is said that we can never stop improving, it is true. In fact, as proof of this, we show you these objects which are nothing more than improvements to the already existing "versions".

Counting on the added features that make them infinitely more useful, we bet they will be very attractive to many of you! But who knows, in the future, how many times they will change and how much they will improve!

Which of the following gadgets or tools could you become addicted to using?

A rubber doormat in the shape of a protractor which is useful to put in schools to help students learn to measure angles!

For those who dream of knowing how to ride a horse, but barely know how to ride a bicycle. This bike will spark your imagination!

image: Imgur

A cheese grater in the shape of an electric guitar so that you can keep on rockin'.

image: Imgur

A bookmark that recalls a message that appeared on the old Windows systems: "Would you like to save your progress?"'Do you want to save changes?".

Kitchen ladles with handles in the shape of drumsticks so you can play the drums while you are cooking!


The dustpan that always empties the trash into the trash can.

A space that doubles as a hammock!

image: ©pya.cc

A box of chocolates with the shapes of the planets.

A very special lamp.


A watch that reveals the time to only the most intelligent people.

A container with a graduated scale for liquids that is used when it is inclined.

A perforated plastic bag for the safe transport of pizza cartons.

An unusual T-rex-shaped bottle opener.

An umbrella equipped with portholes.

A shirt with a cloth to clean eyeglasses.

A charger that operates when the user is flexing and exercising their hands.

image: Imgur

Headphones to listen to the sound of the sea.

Thor's hammer-shaped tool box.

A charger cable that turns into a bracelet.

Life-preserver for biscuits with adjustable height.

A clock that indicates all 24 hours of the day.

A toothpaste tube with an opening on both ends!

USB flash drive with residual memory indicator.

An "animated" Christmas sweater.

Shelves or steps for cats.


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