18 ingenious inventions that will make…
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18 ingenious inventions that will make life easier for new parents

November 18, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being a parent is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs. You have to be able to introduce your children to the world of adults, raising them with love and a lot of patience.

Fortunately, to help mom and dad with their responsibilities, often new inventions appear that can be really useful especially for new parents.

For example, what would you say about a pacifier that does not get dirty when it falls out of a baby's mouth or a bicycle that is also a baby stroller?

No, we are not crazy! These are just a few examples of the 18 wonderful inventions, which we are proposing that will be very useful when taking care of babies and young children.

1. A pacifier that also measures a baby's temperature.

image: gizmag.com

2. A container with a spoon for an easier way to feed your baby!

image: booninc.com

3. A soft cushioned-bathtub that fits in your sink!

4. A baby bed extension that is a practical crib which can be easily mounted on one side of the parents' bed.

5. A personal portable ultrasound device that plugs into smartphones and tablets.

image: mobisante.com

6. When this pacifier is falling, it automatically closes itself!

image: diapers.com

7. A hoodie baby carrier that keeps both baby and mom warm on chilly days!

image: amazon.com

8. A colorful medicine-dispensing sippy cup that hides the medicine!

image: gizmag.com

9. A fun and practical shower head for young children!

image: gizmag.com

10. A colored and portable urinal makes potty training easier and more bearable!

11. A stroller bicycle for carrying twin babies!

image: tagabikes.com

12. A padded bath caddy so that your knees do not get sore while giving your baby a bath.

13. A clever velcro "bottle holder" accessory that attaches to a car seat.

14. A heat-deflecting cover that prevents a baby stroller from getting hot in the car.

image: amazon.com

15. A diaper holder that can be hung on a cradle or a cot.

image: which.co.uk

16. A child-sized tent for outdoors or indoors!

image: kidco.com

17. A baby monitor which connects to your smartphone.

image: amazon.com

18. And finally ... A portable and very comfortable hammock-crib for use on airplanes.

image: zulily.com

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