This 9-year-old girl has invented a…
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This 9-year-old girl has invented a brilliant system to keep parents from forgetting their children in the car ...

August 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It may seem hard to believe, if not impossible, but unfortunately, the news channels report  - and have also reported in the past --- news stories about a phenomenon that is still present and sadly possible.

We are talking about children left and forgotten by their parents in cars.

Distraction, haste, a mishap: there are so many reasons that can be the cause of such a situation. However, from time to time, unfortunately, these oversights can turn into tragic events.

So what can we do? Surely, this is the same question that the young girl that we are going to tell you about also asked herself.

Simply put, that is how this young girl came up with an ingenious solution to this problem while doing a school project!

Her name is Sophie, she is 9 years old and her goal, when she decided to participate in the Invention Convention, was to propose something that nobody had really thought of before.

In short, an original and new invention which is a goal that is certainly not easy to put into practice for a child in the fourth grade!

However, thanks also to some "advice" from her parents, she came up with a great idea. What was needed was a device that prevented parents from leaving and forgetting their children in the car, parked in the sun and thereby putting them at risk of heatstroke and asphyxiation.

Thus, after many sketches, drafts, and reflections, Sophie came to the conclusion that it would have to be something practical that could be "attached" to the parent (or the car keys) from one end to the child's car seat on the other.

This is one sure way, to keep fathers and mothers connected to their children, as well as being kept constantly "alert" about the presence of their little ones behind them in the backseat of the car.

How to do this? Thanks to an extendable wire that is normally used for spearfishing - it is adjustable in length so it can be adapted to larger or smaller cars - and Velcro straps, Sophie has created her own anti-forgetfulness device!

This is a simple, economical and effective way to prevent tragic fatalities such as those that have led sadly to the death of many children all over the world.

With a total cost of around 10 dollars, every parent who often drives a car with their child aboard can buy the materials to make their own personal "Sophie's Baby Forget-Me-Not".

In fact, the device designed by the American girl is not for sale. This is because it does not matter to Sophie if someone "copies" her design. Her ingenious solution just wants to be a strong and constant reminder for fathers and mothers so that there will be no more dramatic events regarding children left and forgotten in cars.

We hope, of course, that this is the case, and that the intelligence of this young girl can serve to provide concrete help for parents and their children!


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