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18 examples that perfectly illustrate…
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18 examples that perfectly illustrate the unconditional love that dogs are capable of

May 31, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we are depressed, when there is a child in the house, when have a cold, or when we are in a delicate state of health ...

In those moments and not only ... a pet dog is an animal capable of such an emotional connection with its owner, that it seems to literally understand when something is wrong or when we need a little cuddling. 

A dog's total devotion is something we can rely on every moment of the time we spend together.

This is a certainty, that for many, can represent a real support but also an impetus for tenderness and fun, and our dog is always ready to show us that we can count on our four-legged friend!

You can sleep peacefully because your dog is the best type of bodyguard you can ever have (but do not underestimate cats!).

It will always be ready to take care of your human puppies.


But also to hug you!

To protect your baby ... from a threatening vacuum cleaner!

To function (comfortably) as your guardian angel.


To make sure that you are doing your job as parents well.

To set a good example while completing the most important tasks!


Your dog will always give you moral support in times of need.

image: Imgur/edilma

They will worry so much about you that it will be hard for you to keep them away!


When your dog gives you its paw and sometimes that does more good for us than for them ...

The devotion that dogs can communicate with their tender gaze ... 😍

Here's what we meant when we said that they will stand by you like no other when you are not at the top of your form!

Yes, they can also be an armchair, as needed!

There are few things that they love doing more than sleeping nestled together with their human puppies at home ...

 Very few!

And then they'll wait for you, they'll wait for you for hours ...

Because they would wait for you forever!

And the goodbyes - even for half a day - are painful for you as well as for them!

image: Reddit/Louvin
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