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19 mothers who proudly show off the…
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19 mothers who proudly show off the beauty of their cute little puppies

May 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Human mothers, during their nine months of pregnancy, use the time to also prepare for the arrival of their babies in the best ways possible.

In fact, mothers-to-be set up a baby nursery room, attend prenatal courses and perhaps read books about infant and childcare.

Although, all this is part of motherhood, sometimes it is good to stop to think how when animals become parents they do it simply by responding only to their natural instinct. 

Nevertheless, what all human mothers have in common with mothers of other species is certainly the pride they display when showing off the beauty of their offspring, just like these four-legged neo-moms!

1. And to think that she gave birth to all these puppies alone!

image: imgur.com

2. These puppies seem to enjoy breast milk ... especially the third from the left!

image: louiebaur

3. Mom and Dad are proud of their polite and well-educated children.

image: imgur.com

4. A well-deserved rest for all concerned!

image: imgur.com

5. How can you not be proud of them?

image: louiebaur

6. The wonderful bond between natural siblings.

image: imgur.com

7. My goodness! This must be close to a record-breaking litter!

image: imgur.com

8. Is there enough milk for everyone?

9. The first photo of the entire Corgie family!

image: needdis

10. Dad takes a picture of himself and his newborn family.

image: hazzamadazzla

11. Only a few but good ones ... actually, very good indeed!

image: irawwwr

12. Fortunately, there is the color of the collars to help distinguish them!

image: bellafelis

13. One is more beautiful than the other!

image: imgur.com

14. Only a few hours after giving birth and already, everything returns to normal!

16. The human part of the family is also extremely happy to welcome the newcomers!

17. A caring and attentive mother who makes room for all her puppies.

18. Another super mom struggling with her beautiful puppies.

19. Notice a certain resemblance?

image: gabbitronn
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