The wonderful spiritual mission of the…
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The wonderful spiritual mission of the dogs in our lives

January 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dogs have always been considered "man's best friend". But not everyone knows that these four-legged friends also play an important protective role in regards to those who take care of them. In fact, for dogs, this role is a sort of special or spiritual mission.

They are, in fact, emotional therapists: if they see us sad, they are immediately ready to lick our faces and put us in a good mood.

Their simple movements generate positive vibrational waves, which harmonize the environment and transmit their unconditional love.

Their mission can be individual or collective. In fact, many of them do a particular type of work or service that can impact an entire group of people and/or families.

For example, their ability is used in group therapy sessions to raise the morale of patients, especially in children who are going through a difficult time. Pet therapy is practiced in many hospitals, especially for this purpose.

By simply moving their tail, dogs can make a stranger smile and this helps to increase a person's positive vibrations, a very important factor for recovery or the stability of a patient's health.

The mission of these angels with a tail, at times, can be very particular, especially in cases where the bond of love becomes so strong that, when they feel that the death of their owner is coming, some may even let themselves die in order to bring their special or spiritual mission to its natural end. Because when their owner has passed away, they no longer find meaning in life.

Our four-legged friends are protectors of energy: they will absorb from us and from our spaces the negative vibrations that are not in equilibrium; then, these will be purified with the help of water, plants and other natural elements. To help our dogs clean up these energies, we simply have to give them a lot of physical affection. 

Another fundamental aspect is their sensitivity because they are connected to very high energy vibrations, which allow them to perceive and observe more than we can imagine. Dogs have impressive hearing sensitivity, without also talking about smell or sight, which likewise allow them to see other dimensions or levels of consciousness that we can barely perceive. 

Moreover, dogs are absolute masters of unconditional love. They are faithful and they never forget to greet us or wag their tail happily when they see us again. In return, these four-legged angels ask only one thing: love - and a little bit of good food and water. What are you waiting for to adopt one?

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