23 puppies so cute they don't even seem…
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23 puppies so cute they don't even seem real

November 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There is no doubt that a dog is a man's best friend, but now science has also confirmed that having a dog can definitely improve the mental and physical health of us owners. Puppies, and dogs in general, have a kind of therapeutic power, so they help us enormously to relax and enjoy the moment. On the other hand, man and dog "have been together" for at least 20,000 years - a particular attachment that was born in ancient times and that is evident, despite us not knowing how this came about. A puppy is an animal that will grow up with you, and that will be grateful to you for ever. These little creatures are so sweet and cute that they seem almost unreal ... look:

1. This fluff ball looks like some kind of teddy bear

2. It's always a good time to play!

image: imgur

3. He fell asleep on the dashboard of the car ... how cute!

4. It looks like he's smiling!

5. But is it a stuffed toy?!


6. Cuddles between brothers

7. What a marvelous puppy


8. A puppy that almost seems to want to be saying: "How cute am I, haha"

9. It looks fake, but we assure you it's not ... it's just tiny and super sweet!


10. First time on the beach!

11. "It's so small it fits perfectly into my son's baseball cap."

12. The first steps...

13. Look at those chubby paws!

14. The food bowl will always be a better place to sleep than your bed

15. Isn't she beautiful?

16. What a wonderful color!

17. He's training for the next Olympics ... he just needs to lose a few pounds

18. "Mom and Dad took me shopping with them!"

19. What big eyes! She looks like a Disney princess!

20. A German Shepherd puppy that looks almost like a stuffed toy

21. But how many wrinkles does he have? He's totally cuddly!

22. Mmmh, great icecream!

23. She's not sad, she just woke up!

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