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A young dad decides to have his son's…
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A young dad decides to have his son's portrait tattooed on his left cheek: an extreme gesture of love

By Alison Forde

There are many ways to show your love and respect for an important person. Have you ever thought that a tattoo could be the way? In reality, it is not so unusual to tattoo the name of an important person, a symbol or a date to remember, but there are those who raise the bar more and more and choose to have a portrait of that person (or pet) which they particularly care about, tattooed on their person. Christien Sechrist, however, is a young dad who seems to have surpassed every imaginable limit by having his son's portrait tattooed on his left cheek. A slightly extreme or even inappropriate gesture of love, perhaps?

When Christien posted the photo "of the artwork" just completed on his left cheek by tattoo artist Cody Gibbs, and promptly gave his heartfelt thanks on Facebook, his friends and other internet readers went wild. Most of them publicly asked the young man why he would choose to have such an important portrait tattooed on his face: "And now how are you going to find work to support your son?" Someone wrote. Christien probably didn't imagine that his urge to scream to the whole world how much he loves his son would generate such a big fuss. Christien is already accustomed to flashy tattoos, as he has a colorful skull and rose on his right cheek, but the choice to have his son portrayed on his face surpasses any other unusual idea.

We hope that his children will always be able to look at him with love and respect, even when they are adults.

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