A dog goes to a kennel every day and…
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A dog goes to a kennel every day and after she's done playing, she finds the softest dog in the kennel and cuddles with them

April 14, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Edna is a sweet little dog that has been going to the same kennel ever since she was a puppy. Her daily routine really hasn't changed that much since she started going there either. She usually plays with the other dogs for 3-4 hours and then rests for the rest of the day. Her idea of resting though is a bit different from the other dogs. Instead of finding a place to rest by herself, she finds the dog with the softest fur and cuddles up with them. 

Cuddling up with her dog friends has been something that Edna has done since she was a pup. And she doesn't pick the same dog everytime. In fact, she seems to choose someone different everyday. The funniest and perhaps the sweetest thing about Edna's need for a cuddle buddy is that the other dogs don't seem to mind her her company. They welcome it!   

This dog definitely makes for a nice and comfy cushion...

Edna's sleepy habits might be peculiar, but it's her cuddles that make her one of the most lovable dogs at the kennel! 


The size of the dog doesn't really seem to matter either; they can be big or tiny. As long as Edna is able to cuddle up with them, she'll nap wherever. 

Even though this dachshund is tiny, he makes a great cuddle companion for Edna!

When Edna's owner comes to pick her up, she always finds her asleep. Brianna Gottfried, one of the kennel's employees, always has to try to wake her upat least 2-3 times. We wouldn't want to wake up either if we were that comfortable!  

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