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If you can't find the yeast in the supermarket…
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If you can't find the yeast in the supermarket anymore, don't worry: you can make it at home with a simple recipe

April 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In the time of quarantine, but also in "I don't want to go out just to buy an ingredient" time, do-it-yourself is what you need - even in the kitchen! With the spread of Coronavirus, people are forced to stay indoors, trying to go out as little as possible to do their shopping. The restrictive measures to limit the infection have caused millions of people to go into supermarkets to raid for: flour, toilet paper, pasta and eggs (to name a few!) These things seem to have become almost impossible to find in certain areas! Among the most popular products, in addition to flour, there is beer yeast, precisely because it allows us to make bread and pizza whenever we want.

The ingredients necessary to make the yeast at home (per 100 g):

Beer 50 ml
100 g of type 0 flour (00 is also fine)
A container with lid (Tupperware type)


Pour the 50 ml of beer into the container and gradually add the flour. Mix well until the two ingredients are combined in a solid and pasty mixture. Close the dough obtained in the container you have used (or take a new one, if you prefer) and let it rest in a dry place for 24 hours, at a recommended temperature of 20-22 °. Tip: avoid light sources. 


Simple and "fast"! Remember to keep the yeast in the fridge for a maximum of 2 days. However, try to prepare and use the right amount immediately.

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