They pay him € 200 euros a month as a chef: "they called me unreliable because I quit"

Being able to practice the profession of your dreams is not an easy thing, we all know this well. There are people who, after a period of education, are able to enter the workplace immediately and also earn…

16 people who created only disaster in the kitchen

At least in our lives we all decide to get in the kitchen and prepare some dishes which are really delicious and also beautiful to look at on the plate; whether there are guests at home for dinner or…

20 people who should have ordered take-out instead of cooking

Many of us have always wanted to get in the kitchen, follow the recipes of starred chefs to the letter and give our contribution and our best, wishing to turn out a real culinary masterpiece, to eat alone,…

"At least I tried!": 16 people who tried to be chefs at home and failed miserably

The culinary arts are certainly not for everyone. There are people who are gifted in some areas and others with different inclinations. Fortunately, we are not all the same, but that doesn't mean we don't…

20 people who went in the kitchen and created disasters so sensational that they had to be immortalised

Who doesn't like to eat? It's a "passion" and a need that unites all human beings, but much less so when it comes to cooking. Yes, because the culinary arts don't always go hand in hand with the need…

Fresh cheese you can make at home, and it takes only 3 ingredients to prepare

Fresh, tasty and full of flavor: who doesn't like the taste of fresh cheese? Many of us obviously buy it at the supermarket or perhaps at our local cheese shop, but what if we said you could make cheese…

Zucchini and cheese gratin: a easy recipe to prepare it at home with few ingredients and lots of flavor

Let's face it, greens and vegetables are definitely not our children's favorite food, everything that seems green and healthy is systematically rejected by the little ones; yet, vegetables and greens…
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Bottled coffee cream: the recipe to prepare it at home in a short time and with only 3 ingredients

Summer is approaching and the desire to taste fresh food and have refreshing drinks arrives as usual. There are many recipes that can be made at home with a few ingredients and a few minutes to make the…

Baked zucchini roll-ups: perfect for the summer season

As summer time is on its way, everyone's trying to find a way to keep their waistline trim without having to cut back on taste. That's why we've decided to share with you a recipe that has all the components…
DIY Kitchen

Caprese stuffed zucchini boats: a fast and tasty recipe that will wow everyone at the dinner table

Who doesn't love a good caprese salad? Tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil is one of the most popular and delicious tastes of summer. These days, the variations of caprese salad are limitless: you can…
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Banana bread: a low calorie recipe made without flour, sugar, and milk

Have you ever not enjoyed a piece of banana bread? Although bananas aren't the healthiest of fruits (they're full of sugar and difficult to digest), they pair well with lots of ingredients to make for…
DIY Kitchen

Stuffed Zucchini: a simple and tasty recipe ready in under 30 minutes

Certain dishes, when made from scratch, never seem to disappoint anyone. Take stuffed zucchini for example. It usually has everyone's mouth watering and, once you've had one, you'll most likely want a…
Food Kitchen Tricks

Lasagna with bacon, mushrooms and courgette cream: how to make it at home in a few minutes

Lasagna is one of the most celebrated and appreciated savory recipes in the world, typical of the city of Bologna, in Italy. The traditional recipe is the one with meat and ragout among its main ingredients,…
DIY Kitchen

Ricotta cake: how to prepare it at home with only 3 ingredients and without using flour

Among the most loved and delicious sweet Mediterranean recipes, ricotta cake has its roots in Greek mythology: the first documentation we have of this fresh cheese derives directly from Homer's Odyssey,…

A chilled coffee cake to prepare in a few minutes: delicious, it doesn't even require baking

As the summer heat approaches, we usually want to cook is less and prefer lighter and more simple recipes to elaborate ones. A argument that also applies to desserts, which, usually, almost all require…
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This cake is as light as a cloud and has only 2 ingredients

The cake we are about to share with you is so simple to make, it's hard to believe how good it is ourselves! Once you have a look at the recipe, however, you'll want to give it a try, especially considering…
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Lemon flavored Tiramisù, a version fast and easy to prepare in under 20 minutes

With summer on its way, who isn't craving a good strawberry or citrus-flavored dessert? Ice cream is definitely a good go-to if we want something cool and refreshing, but what if we said that there's…
DIY Kitchen

Stuffed eggplant: a simple and tasty dish easy on the waistline

Everyone has a favorite summer dish that they can't seem to get enough of. For many people, that dish is stuffed eggplant. It's a dish rich in taste and easy on the carbs and, considering eggplant's mild…

Apple pie: the simple recipe with few ingredients just like Grandma used to make

In the first pages of a recipe book of desserts, where the basic recipes are supposed to be, you can't miss the apple pie. A simple dessert that satisfies the palate of grown-ups but also of little ones…
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