20 people who went in the kitchen and…
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20 people who went in the kitchen and created disasters so sensational that they had to be immortalised

November 02, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Who doesn't like to eat? It's a "passion" and a need that unites all human beings, but much less so when it comes to cooking. Yes, because the culinary arts don't always go hand in hand with the need to eat, so it is not that unusual to find yourself in front of the stove with so much good will and so little practice and end up creating real disasters, worthy of being immortalized in a Photo shoot. So here is a fun gallery from cooks who have tried, but have not passed the test ... as a chef!

It was supposed to be a boiled egg ...

I was making a delicious fruit jam, and here's what happened in the kitchen!


The saucepan got melted!

Come on, you can't say that he hasn't tried!

Cooked to just the right point or a little too much?


An employee who is not happy about his mistake ...

A pie that looks like something out of a horror movie.


Would you like some charcoaled corn on the cob?

I just wanted to cook a plate of spaghetti ...


My first turkey. And perhaps also the last.

They told me to let my homemade bread rise overnight in the refrigerator. Never again!

At least I can say I tried ...

It was supposed to be my sister's birthday cake ... pitiful!

The look of defeat in the kitchen ...

I was cooking Thai when my 19 year old brother poured in some blue dye for fun. I hate him!

I dropped the cherry pie in front of my mother's door ... I'm cursing!

The unsuccessful attempt to replicate a cake ...

My burrito ... a little overcooked!

Who wants to cook in this delightful and welcoming kitchen?

The pasta and sauce fell exactly where it shouldn't have fallen ...

What a mess!

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