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20 people who should have ordered take-out…
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20 people who should have ordered take-out instead of cooking

June 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Many of us have always wanted to get in the kitchen, follow the recipes of starred chefs to the letter and give our contribution and our best, wishing to turn out a real culinary masterpiece, to eat alone, with the family or to serve friends and guests. Too bad that not always everything goes as it should go, and most of the time it's something less than a masterpiece that emerges from the boiling pot, from the frying pan or from the hot oven.

This Italian Facebook group is entirely dedicated to those people who try their best to make tasty dishes at home but fail miserably. The photo taken after conjuring up these recipes seem most of the time straight out of a horror movie!

They looked so good before they went into the oven, and now ...

 I don't even know why I wanted to cook these!

Once they were tasty strawberries ...

 Now I just want to throw them in the trash and forget that I bothered to cook!


"Honey, I warmed up your dinner!"

 Would you like this dish of incinerated pasta?

I already knew dinner was going to be frugal and very, very sad

 But certainly this "artistic creation" in the frying pan has literally ruined my day!

Today I wanted to make vegetable broth for my son ...

 But I don't think I'll bother trying again!


My daughter forced me to make coconut balls for her friends who were coming to visit...

 But apparently, the coconut wanted to escape from the balls!

Made with a lot of love by my mother ...

Yes, those were supposed to be "delicious" croissants... 


This girl just wanted to make a couple of hard boiled eggs ...

 ... And she wasn't far off making the whole kitchen explode!

How unfortunate is this?

 Now I need to throw everything in the garbage!


I managed to burn both the bread and the crispy pancakes...

I'm just useless in the kitchen sometimes!

I just wanted to heat some frankfurters with cheese, and instead ...

 ... do they look like disgusting dentures to you too?

I just wanted to make a hard boiled egg and instead this came out!

But why is this pasta dish so watery?

I guess it wasn't a good idea to cook today! 

Those were once stir-fried mushrooms ...

I admit it, I had a business meeting and I forgot I'd left them on the heat! 

I know, to you it will simply look like a pan with clumps of rice ...

 The tragic thing is that they were supposed to be quinoa meatballs!

Just think that after this loaf of bread was pulled out of the oven, the smoke detector went off!

Not every donut comes out with a hole on the first try ...

 This is a perfect example of expectation versus ... reality!

All the pasta on one side, all the peas on the other

How to ruin Italian cuisine in one dish!

They should have been delicious "langues de chat" - cat tongue biscuits.

 On the other hand, if you look closely, they look like cat's tongues... but from Siamese cats! 

Today my friend really wanted to make a dessert ...

 Here it is, this is her dessert. Ok.

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