There is a snake hidden in this photo,…
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There is a snake hidden in this photo, but where is it? The optical illusion that has entertained the web

June 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Let's face it: appearances can be deceiving and, sometimes, we see things that aren't really there; or we do not see something that is right there, in front of our eyes. And this is a bit like what happened to many users who came across the photo we are about to show you - a shot that seems to show only a bunch of rocks, leaves, twigs and some other bits of nature's materials. But are we sure that the photographer wanted to take such a bland photo? Maybe his intent was to snap something else. An object, perhaps, or even a creature?

The second hypothesis is much more plausible, given the location: so it is a pity that even the most keen pair of eyes have  difficulties identifying the subject of the photo. Ready to test yourself? Here we go:

Taken and posted on Instagram by Mark's Reptiles, the image has made the rounds on the web and many users have failed to see what the photo shows. The shot, apparently unremarkable and bland, actually hides something that could even cause one a little fear. Camouflaged perfectly between leaves and twigs, is a copper-headed snake. This is a species of reptile that is not dangerous to  humans, but its bite can be very unpleasant.

So, did you see anything in this first photo? If the answer is no, don't worry - in the next image we have circled our dear little snake friend in green, and are about to show it to you.

Warning: if you want to take a little longer to look at the photo, we advise you to stop reading here for a moment.

And there it is, circled up among the rocks and hidden from any passing intruders. You've found it now, correct?

If the result is still negative, we challenge you to take a closer look. The reptile is there, we assure you, only it is very good at hiding. Many followers have commented on the photo with words of resignation and surrender: "I give up, where is it?"; "I tried looking for it for 15 minutes, but I can't find it"; "Is it in the lower right corner?" In short, many have failed to see the snake and have conceded defeat. There are also those who, on the contrary, finally managed to find it: "I enlarged the photo in different spots, and in the end I found it. It only took me 5 minutes".

What about you? In the next image, we will show you the solution. If you are frustrated and you want to see the snake, scroll down - if tenacity is your gift, keep searching.


And voilà, all is revealed! Although it still continues to blend in very well, in this last enlargement of the photo, the snake is seen coiled around on itself and hidden in peace and tranquility.

A very entertaining challenge that has amused the web and has piqued the curiosity of many.

Did you like this little game? Did you find the solution or not? Write to us in the comments.

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