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There is a snake hidden in this photo, but where is it? The optical illusion that has entertained the web

Let's face it: appearances can be deceiving and, sometimes, we see things that aren't really there; or we do not see something that is right there, in front of our eyes. And this is a bit like what…

Viper snake bite: what to do and what not to do if you have no medical knowledge

When walking and hiking in nature, one should not just be thinking about enjoying the experience because nature can be as insidious as it is fascinating and knowing some rules is essential to avoid getting…

What happens when you mistake a toy stick for a ... snake?!

It is nighttime and of course, it is dark but Ms. Clara still decides to go out and look for her dog's toy. When she arrives near her gate she detects something on the ground and immediately reaches out…

A spiteful snake tries to take down a motorcyclist!

It is a magnificent feeling to ride a motorcycle, to feel the wind caressing your face, the power of the engine, and that almost irresistible desire to never stop ... But it is not all roses! In fact,…
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Do not mess with Big Mamma or her eggs!

Since the beginning of time, mothers have had an innate sense of protection regarding their offspring, whether it is a mammal, a reptile or a bird, the behavior of a mother who feels threatened is always…

This snake has just been liberated from captivity!

In some parts of the world for some people finding a dangerous snake in their garden and having to call the animal protection agency to take it away is something that is normal. However, although we tend…

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