They film a hawk capturing a snake --- then the unexpected happens! -
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They film a hawk capturing a snake ---…
This man is climbing a mountain --- but when the camera pans ..... Playing the three-cup shell game with a seagull?! Say what?!

They film a hawk capturing a snake --- then the unexpected happens!

September 06, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

During a barbecue with friends by the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia something incredible happened.

One of the young men was filming their outing and the events of the day when a hawk approached and began circling right above their heads near the river bank. 

Then the hawk suddenly swooped down near the river bank and captured an unfortunate snake between its claws, and flew back up into the sky! 

However, the hawk had no intentions of eating the snake, but rather to play a bad joke on these young people! Just see what the hawk did with the snake it had captured!


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