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Do you see the cat going up or down the stairs? The answer may reveal much about your character

April 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How many personality and attitude tests have we done in our life? Probably very many, and all obviously completed out of pure curiosity, or fun, without giving too much weight to the final result. One of the most interesting aptitude tests is that linked to optical illusions, that is to say, those images that at first glance suggest an object, a shape or a living being, or a situation but which then, if you look closely, could represent something else. So apparently, depending on the answer that is given about an optical illusion, many aspects of our character can be understood, as in the case that we want you to look below:

Forget about the Dress http://9gag.com/gag/azEP79x?ref=fbp

Pubblicato da 9GAG su Venerdì 3 aprile 2015

Look carefully at the image that we have published here and which has gone viral among internet users: it depicts a cat that is on a flight of stairs. The photo shot is in black and white and in varying shades of gray, and for this reason, (and others), is found ambiguous by a lot of people. The question that everyone is asks, after looking at the image, is the following: is the cat coming up or is it going down the stairs? There are only two possible answers, and they may reveal a lot about your character and attitude towards life.

If you saw the cat climbing the stairs, then you are very lucky: in fact, seeing the cat climbing up the stairs is symbolic of having a generally very positive attitude towards life; those who see the cat climbing up the steps are very determined and tend to want to achieve their goals in life. Obviously, nothing is easy in life, but with the right determination and with a smile always on your face, you can cross even the roughest of seas, and weather even the most violent of storms. The secret is in seeing see the glass as always half full!

image: Facebook

If, on the other hand, you see the cat as walking down the stairs, then you tend to see the glass as always half empty and to have a negative attitude towards life. This may simply be due to the accumulation of negative experiences that you have been victim of in the past - experiences that have left emotional scars on your heart, and now it is difficult for you to trust people and open up easily. But not all of this must necessarily be a negative thing: that which has hurt us in the past, has certainly made us stronger, and it is much more difficult for people to deceive us now!

And you? What did you see at first glance? A cat is coming up the stairs or is going down them? Let us know in the comments!

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