7-year-old girl drinks too much from…
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7-year-old girl drinks too much from her first communion chalice and the priest tries to stop her (+ VIDEO)

May 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In the Catholic religion, first communion is an important moment for all those boys and girls who are approaching the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time. Of course, it is not just the prerogative of children, since even adults can take First Communion at an later age. And the same is true for young adults if they have not received a Catholic education as practitioners of the faith. However, it is a rather important moment, which is usually celebrated joyously by the whole family. At the time of the ceremony, then, there is no shortage of parents who, with their mobile phones, film the scene in which their daughter or son receives the host for the first time. The mother in this story was no different and her daughter made everyone present laugh out loud when the priest gave her the chalice of wine to take a sip from.

Usually, first communion is something that every Catholic child celebrates around the age range of 7-10 years old and is always a good reason to celebrate with all the relatives and for the communicant to receive lots of gifts. During the ceremony, there is a specific moment that is dedicated exclusively to the child who receives the Eucharist for the first time, and it is precisely at this moment that the mother, who is the subject of this story, started filming her daughter. The little girl went before the priest, as required by the liturgy, and she first received the host and then the chalice of wine. As we all know, the quantity of wine present in the chalice is quite small, since it is only a symbolic gesture. The little girl, however, was not satisfied she had had enough with just one sip and she continued to drink down all the wine in the chalice. A stunned silence fell over the church, but, moments later was broken by the laughter of those present when, after a good 12 seconds, the young girl was still drinking from the chalice.

The priest's reaction, who is shown trying in vain to stop the child from continuing to drink all the wine, is even more amusing. He looks bemused and embarrassed by the incident. Everyone had a good laugh and the little girl, perhaps, not even realizing what had just happened, returned to her place in the pews with her hands sanctimoniously folded in front of her.

A hilarious scene that has now gone viral on the internet!


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