A father goes through several red lights and his 5-year-old son calls the police and says: "Arrest him." - WTVideo.com
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A father goes through several red lights…
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A father goes through several red lights and his 5-year-old son calls the police and says: "Arrest him."

August 17, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Nothing escapes children. This statement could be the moral of this singular story that we are about to share with you.

The story is set in Germany, in the Bavarian city of Wurzburg, and was posted on various social media networks by the local German police.

The protagonist is a little boy who is only five years old, however, due to his precision and dedication to the rules, could easily be older! It all started as a normal and peaceful drive in a car with a father and his little son.

The father, however, was not a virtuous or attentive driver, and his behavior at the wheel did not favorably impress the little boy.

via: The Times

image: Pxhere

When the emergency telephone rang at the Wurzburg police, the police officer who received the call heard only a few indistinct voices from the other end. So, he decided to call back.

To answer him, this time, was the father (the driver in question), who apologized on behalf of his son, because the little boy was making the police waste their time.

At that point, however, the child, without thinking twice, took the smartphone from his father and told the policeman: "My dad went through two red lights! You have to arrest him!".

Astonished, the police officer advised the little boy to give his father a good talking to, which was promptly done!

It is not difficult to imagine the astonishment and shame that the father felt at that moment. Perhaps, for precisely this reason, next time he will think twice before he goes through a red light ...

Of course, this is a story that makes us smile, but that also makes us think. The things that every day, in every moment, we say and do right in front of our children are visible, and they do not go unnoticed or unheard.

Whether these actions are positive or negative, our children are there watching us, and they look to us for inspiration but they can also criticize us from an "external" point of view.

In fact, little children are just like sponges. If then, we describe this incident taking into account the context where it took place, in Germany, where respect for the rules - road and otherwise - is very much felt, it is not difficult to believe that such incidents can occur with great ease ...


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