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If your child is disrespectful, it is…
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If your child is disrespectful, it is a good idea to follow these valuable tips to know how to correct their bad behaviors

August 26, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

According to the mainstream media and social media networks, the current generation of young people is the rudest and undisciplined generation of young people ever seen.

In this statement, there is some truth, but it is equally valid to say that part of the responsibility lies in the hands of a generation of adults who are not mature and authoritative.

Children and adolescents of yesteryear, and of course, today have always experienced the various phases of growing up and rebellion.

However, now new educational strategies are needed that are more suited to the times in which we currently live.

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We have moved from the age of excessive severity and strictness to that of too much permissiveness, with parents who no longer know how to manage their children, or who are almost afraid to do so for fear of upsetting them.

The results, unfortunately, are young people who do not know the value of respect, who do not know where the boundaries between right and wrong are, and who thus risk integrating poorly into society at large.

However, on the contrary, there are those parents and adults who oppose this extreme freedom and lack of respect with blind and unfettered authoritarianism, using the weapons of threats and intimidation and sometimes even physical violence, in order to obtain obedience.

However, not even this behavior is productive because an angry child or teenager is disconnected from their ability to think rationally, so it is impossible to make them understand why a particular direction must be followed.

Children can behave in an offensive and disrespectful manner for more than one reason. Perhaps, it is because they are being persecuted by a bully or because they simply feel frustrated by the changes in their growing bodies that they cannot explain or control.

In all these circumstances, rather than just rules and regulations, a guide is needed, someone who can help, by listening, and only after having done this, will they be able to provide some useful answers.

In any case, to correct children who are not very respectful, one can and must start early! This is because regardless of age, children are able to understand if things are explained to them and not just ordered.

Furthermore, we should not be afraid of sometimes saying "No" because even these small setbacks help young people to understand and deal with the fact that not everything will always go their way.


We must then define rules and boundaries and also apply a few punishments if necessary. But they must be real punishments, otherwise, children and adolescents will begin to no longer fear them.

For example, threatening to seize your teenager's smartphone for a month is absolutely unreal, but to do so even for just one day is much more achievable and effective!

Finally, it is necessary to give the right value to a child's behaviors. So, it does not matter so much if they sometimes leave their room in a mess, but rather that they should never even dare to speak to their mom or dad inappropriately.

This advice, by reflection, also affects other adults who can be part of their youthful microcosms such as professors or teachers. These are rules and advice that should be taken to heart in today's families.


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