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Having a child does not solve the problems…
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Having a child does not solve the problems of a couple and here are five things that usually happen

December 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are a thousand reasons why a couple decides to have a child, and it is not up to anyone to judge whether one reason is more or less valid than another.

However, it is good to be aware that a child does not solve a couple's problems and that, indeed, the birth of a child can put a strain on a couple's relationship.

These are five reasons why believing that love will return or a couple's relationship will improve with the birth of a child is just an illusion.

image: Sekgei/Flickr
  • 1. You have less time to devote to the couple relationship: A newborn baby mainly just eats and sleeps, but paradoxically the time that a couple has to devote to each other is almost nil. In fact, taking care of a baby is very tiring and it is not always easy to understand how to make things work in the first few months. Furthermore, the child will be present at virtually every moment of the day and night and as parents, there will be very little opportunity to devote time to their intimacy as a couple.
  • 2. Arguments about how to raise the child: With a newborn baby, the reasons for discussion between the partners increase inexorably, starting from the basic principles about how to raise a child based on what the individual parents want to apply to their child. Arguing more often after the arrival of a child is normal, but only stable couples will survive this period unharmed.
  • 3. Relatives will be more present: Returning to the fact that the couple will have less for themselves, even those rare moments of peace at home will be annoyingly interrupted by relatives who want to see the newborn baby. In addition, it may happen that the mother-in-law (s) give unsolicited advice and this will inevitably create tension within the couple.
  • 4. Physical attraction diminishes:  It could be fatigue, having no time to go to the hairdresser or even take a shower, it is, however, inevitable that intimacy will be neglected for a certain period of time. A stable and mature couple is willing to put this aside without suffering too much, but for an immature couple, this situation could be quite a problem.
  • 5. Economic problems arise: Everyone knows that children are costly, and sudden expenses and cash outflows can destabilize the family budget. Furthermore, one of the two partners may have to contribute more to the child's maintenance, generating feelings of resentment towards the other. This is another issue that can lead to arguments that weaken even further the relationship of an immature couple.

What happens after the birth of a child can seriously put a strain on both the single parent and also on the partner within the couple. That is why great complicity and harmony is necessary to properly take care of a newborn baby.

In fact, only in this way will the birth of a child be a magical experience and the beginning of a new exciting chapter for the couple!


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