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16 children who had the courage to complain…
A woman finds a live snake inside the bag of salad she bought at the grocery store She became a grandmother at just 34, but she doesn't feel old:

16 children who had the courage to complain about the most trivial things

May 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A devil for hair, is the literal translation of the Italian saying "un diavolo per capello", a saying that can be applied to many individuals we have known in our life with truly unique characters and very, very capricious and incorrigible temperaments. A saying that fits perfectly, even with our small children. Those who have kids in the family and know that it is a real effort to raise them and care foe them in every single aspect, know perfectly what we are talking about: our children know how to complain about even the most trivial things!

For this reason we wanted to select for you some of the most capricious children found on the web: dear mothers and dear fathers from all over the world, we understand you perfectly, but do not immediately lose patience with your little ones!

He's about to cry because his rusk isn't spread properly ...

Who could complain about something so trivial?

Do you know why he's crying like this?

He didn't want to pick up the towel he threw on the floor: bad boy!


My daughter is crying insistently at the fast food restaurant because her corn dog is split...

She fails to understand that, split or not, it'll taste just the same!

Wewouldn't let him to tear up the greetings card sent by his grandmother ...

But can today's children be so naughty?

What a pointless drama!

He is crying in desperation because we didn't let him to throw himself down the stairs: but does that seem normal to you?


I told him his lobster costume was too tight ...

You can imagine his reaction: the tears!

Can you guess why she's so desperate?

image: Imgur

She keeps dropping her fork...I can't imagine why!


You couldn't imagine why he's crying so hard...

image: Imgur

I jsut wanted to throw his dirty diaper in the trash, but he wouldn't let me!

What a precocious child...

image: Imgur

He was determined to drink my beer from this glass bottle, would you believe it?


Quite simply, dinner still wasn't ready...

image: Imgur

And... he wanted to eat it at the usual time: what a precise child!

How over the top!

image: Imgur

He's crying in despair because we gave him the wrong banana!

The microwave oven isn't working ...

image: Imgur

And now let's have a good cry!

She even threw herself on the ground crying like a thing possessed:

The reason? Her guacamole was too cold .... Ok.

We sang the "Happy Birthday to You" song aloud, all together ...

She's probably just overcome with emotion!

We told there was no more bacon...

image: Imgur

Can you also hear those excruciating screams of disappointment?

I wouldn't let him eat dirt off the floor...

image: Imgur

It seemed completely normal to him!


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