An elderly man is desperate because his 7 children demand their inheritance now and want to leave him with nothing -
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An elderly man is desperate because…
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An elderly man is desperate because his 7 children demand their inheritance now and want to leave him with nothing

May 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Young people have always relied on their parents where they are unable to support themselves, at least in the initial stages of their life. It's quite right that a father or a mother, in times of need, can help their children in order to establish themselves a little, but it's also true that, on certain occasions, this help cannot be given, precisely due to a lack of resources. When a child is perfectly capable of standing on their own two feet, it's also okay to let them go and see how they manage. For their part, children should not take advantage of their condition as children and not continually ask for help from their parents. The desperate situation of Don Segundino Castro Mercedes makes us reflect on this: the elderly man has been reduced to tears by pressure from his children, all 7 of them, who have demanded their inheritance immediately.

There are brothers and sisters who fight over their inheritance and those who, on the other hand, don't even wait for the death of their parents to claim it. As we said before, in fact, a parent should be happy and willing to help their children in case of need, but not if the children are grown up and independent. Above all, Don Segundino Castro Mercedes is being forced to please seven children and he doesn't have a great fortune. His story went viral after a woman interviewed him on the street. The old man was literally in tears! 

Why should anyone be humiliated like this, at the ripe old age of 70 years and more? You work your whole life and face all possible adversities, but reaching such an age and being humiliated by your own children is really disheartening. There is nothing more cruel than a child who turns against a parent who has been concerned about maintaining and caring for him all his life. As if that weren't enough, Don Segundino Castro Mercedes had recently lost his wife when the video was shot, proving that his children didn't even take into account the pain of such an important loss. 


 We cannot help but be indignant at this sad sight. No elderly parent deserves to be treated like this!

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