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10 ways a daughter completely changes…
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10 ways a daughter completely changes her father's life

January 25, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sooner or later in the life of a couple, another woman arrives - who is much younger - to steal the husband's heart: his daughter! What father manages to resist the big sweet eyes of his little girl? No one. 

In fact, while with boys, it is easier for a father to impose his authority without being moved to spare them, however, the same cannot be said to happen with girls. 

As a true "daddy's little princess", a daughter has an unsuspected power over her father, whose life will be inexorably changed in the following 10 ways.

via: romper.com

  • 1. From the moment a father sees his daughter, a protective instinct awakens in him and he will watch over her forever, so as to shield her from any pain
  • 2. A father will find himself singing and dancing with his daughter, and talking more about his emotions than he ever did before. 
  • 3. A father will begin to be and act his best as a person because he knows that he will become the model of the type of man his daughter will want next to her - and certainly a dad does not want his princess to be with an idiot who mistreats her. 
  • 4. When a father sees his little girl suffer because of someone else, he will react like a wild beast - but he will learn to control himself. 
  • 5. A father who has a little daughter will find himself singing alone while driving.
  • 6. A father will find himself watching more films about princesses than he could ever imagine. 
  • 7. After having a daughter, a man will embrace the feminist cause and fight for women's rights
  • 8. Seeing mother and daughter together, he will fall in love even more with his wife
  • 9. A father's heart will break into pieces the day when his "little girl" shows up at home with her first boyfriend. 
  • 10. Thanks to his daughter, a man will be able to discover and learn more about his feminine side -  and feel more "complete" as a person.

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