23 culinary fails that could happen…
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23 culinary fails that could happen to anyone of us

February 28, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For some time now, the media has been pushing the idea that everyone if they want, can become good at cooking! Surely, no one is precluded from learning how to cook, but the fact is that on TV, social media, and in books, the message that is conveyed is that it can be done in a small, a very small amount of time!

Indeed, just buy this or that book, follow the simple recipes and somehow magically you will become as good as those cooks who, poor things, have spent a lot of time and money!

No, what they want us to believe is not the truth because even those who do not know how to cook, have no difficulty in putting together two or three ingredients!

For them, the problem is that they are able to turn everything that is normally present in the kitchen such as knives and the stove, first of all, into a potential danger. In fact, anyone who does not know how to cook is fully capable of creating one of following culinary disasters ...

"Sorry, honey!"

We are almost sure that it was not the fault of the cookie cutter.


They were supposed to be smiling faces, and instead ...

image: habraka/Imgur

What happened exactly ... is hard to say.

When your meal looks like a chemistry experiment!

image: girlschannel

Even using a bread machine (which kneads, leavens and bakes the bread) the result is not always guaranteed.

This birthday cake turned out very badly ...


"Do you want to eat meee ...?"

The pressure cooker blows its top again!

image: Unknown/Imgur

When your delicious recipe turns into a nightmare ...

If it were not for those eyes a little bit too far apart ...

"I had asked my husband to peel half of the potatoes ..."

Bad luck hounds those who cannot cook!

The fish is ready and cut ... but so is the chopping board!

image: itsQ/Imgur

When you want to prepare a nice dinner for your children ...

In emergency cases ...

Roasted spaghetti.

image: Marzz/Reddit

And what about you? Have you ever used a wire clothes hanger to cook shish kebabs?!

image: lwidh/Reddit

Never forget that a microwave oven heats up very, very fast.

Wow, what a beautiful snowman ...

This is why plastic is not recommended in the kitchen ...

image: khotch/Reddit

Even desserts can take on a terrifying appearance.

image: pokon/Reddit

The pizza is ready!

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