This 1 year old is already a little chef who enjoys giving cooking "lessons" on the web -
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This 1 year old is already a little…
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This 1 year old is already a little chef who enjoys giving cooking "lessons" on the web

April 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The passion for cooking comes when you least expect it and if it manifests itself in very young children, it will be the task of a good parent to recognize and support it. Ashley Wian was definitely very good at this: when her 1 year old son began to show interest in helping her in the kitchen, the young mother did not miss the opportunity to document the progress and funny scenes in which she was involved with little Kobe. A photo of the boy dressed as a chef was enough to give birth to a real Instagram phenomenon.

It takes little to dissolve into laughter in the face of the hilarious clips that mom Ashley publishes daily on her Instagram page. No wonder little Kobe quickly became a cooking star! 

In addition to cooking, Kobe personally takes on all the tasting. His smiles and expressions officially decree the level of satisfaction of each recipe (which is always very high!).

Each video is accompanied by a brief description of what mom Ashley and her little helper have in mind to prepare for lunch or dinner ... and the result is always hilarious. Friends and viewers from all over the world can't resist Kobe's enthusiasm in helping mom cut zucchini or mix ingredients in a bowl.

Little Kobe seems to have a cleared path to a sure fire culinary career!


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