Unmasked a fishmonger that applied fake…
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Unmasked a fishmonger that applied fake eyes on fish to make them appear fresher

September 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What we are about to tell you is the latest scam being used by those who sell fresh fish in fish markets.

It is a ploy to deceive people and make them believe that the fish that they are about to buy is more "fresh" than it actually is! 

The scam, which sparked laughter on the Internet, was considered brilliant by many users, but this was not enough to prevent the arrest of the scammer and the seizure of all the fish and the fraudulent material!

image: Al Bayan

One of the first ways to recognize a fresh fish in a fishmongers' stalls is to observe the shape and condition of the fish eyes. If it is still convex with a bright cornea and a black pupil, then the fish will certainly have been caught recently. The latest scam that they invented in the fishmarkets, which was fortunately almost immediately unmasked, concerns precisely this aspect of the fish. 

In fact the specimens have been found above the shoals of the fish with very particular eyes not due to the breed or species.

image: Al Bayan

The fish in question were equipped with fake eyes that could deceive those who are not particularly attentive and they simulated the appearance of a fresh fish. The stratagem was used to give a better image to the store. In fact, just seeing so many fresh fish with eyes so clear attracted many customers. But of course, as soon as the scam was revealed the fishmonger's stall was immediately closed and the incident has triggered alarm and ironic comments from people on social media. 

We tell you this news not so much to encourage you to check and touch the eyes of all the fish in a fishmonger's stall (it sufficient to just look carefully), but to remind you that insidious pitfalls for a consumer are everywhere, especially if you do not get your products from store owners and suppliers with a proven record of quality and trustworthiness. 

We do not know if and how much this practice is used, but being aware of it never hurts. Check closely any fish that you buy before bringing it to your tables to avoid unpleasant problems! 

Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/fish-googly-eyes-caught

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