18 ingenious solutions that parents…
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18 ingenious solutions that parents have found in their complete desperation

September 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Raising a child is a very difficult challenge and every day millions of parents have to face this challenge.

There are many problems to solve and there are many challenges to be faced by a father and a mother where they must absolutely come out as winners. So when the going gets tough, parents put on their thinking caps to find a solution!

Here is a photo gallery with 18 ingenious solutions to problems that a parent faces every day!

1. A very smart, creative, and fun way to upcycle baby clothes and also preserve lovely memories.

image: Skiba / imgur

2. A way to fun and easy way to exercise with your baby


3. How to eat an ice cream cone without getting dirty! Well, almost! 😉

4. Making your child believe that he or she is playing video games (with an unlinked controller).

5. A way to bring out the artist in your child!


6. A brilliant father!

7. How a dad ties his daughter's hair ...


8. How to distinguish twins!

image: Snug Attack

9. Ingenuous (but very lazy) parent of the year!


10. A son worthy of a motorcyclist!

11. Multitasking at an extreme level

12. How to upcycle shampoo bottles

image: blogspot.com

13. For those who are tired of cleaning the floor, the baby/broom has arrived!

14. How to relax while playing with your child ...

image: Bkykid

15. How to keep your child calm and relaxed during a photo shoot

16. This girl brought her dad along to go shopping!

17. When your child wants to sleep but you want to eat instead ...

18. The most exhilarating way to distinguish identical twins!

With this parent's amusing solution that will go down in history, this photo gallery dedicated to brilliant parents ends. What was, in your opinion, the funniest and most appropriate solution?


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