3-year-old girl entertains the web with her hand gestures: "She looks like an old granny from the south of Italy" (+ VIDEO)

Mark Bennett

November 23, 2022

3-year-old girl entertains the web with her hand gestures:

Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication in the communications world. Knowing how to communicate, in fact, does not simply mean listening to what our interlocutor has to say, but also knowing how to interpret body language: facial expressions, hand gestures, body stance, etc ...

In some countries, it seems that spoken words go hand in hand with hand gestures. Let's take the Italian language for example: have you ever seen an Italian who doesn't use his or her hands when they speak? Probably not, and perhaps this is what makes this behavior so special and funny - at least in the eyes of a foreigner. The little girl who is the subject of this video is no less entertaining...

via TikTok / giuseppe_matilde


TikTok / giuseppe_matilde

Italians are well known throughout the world for their cusine and their hand gestures, which are a natural part of their converstations. The little girl in this video - which has been seen by millions of users all over the world - is particularly funny as she makes hand gestures while she is arguing with a friend.  In particular, she uses the "hand into a bag" gesture. This is the typical gesture in which the ends of the fingertips of all one's fingers - including the thumb - touch each other, forming a "bag" shape. Usually, the gesture is accompanied by a repeated hand movement which is back and forth or up and down - sometimes with one hand and sometimes with both. Depending on the context, then, the gesture can have different meanings, for example: "What do you want?", or "What are you trying to say?", or even "not at all".

The little girl, Matilde, who is seen in the video, is talking about how someone - presumably one of her friends - criticized her miniskirt.

The child says, using the hand gestures, the following (not translated literally): "She said to me 'But why are you going around in a miniskirt?' But what business is it of hers?! I will wear a miniskirt and you mind your own business." While she is on her tirade, Matilde uses the famous "bag gesture" with her hands - perhaps something she learnt from her parents or grandparents.

In any event, it's really entertaining to see little Matilde raging and gesticulating like a miniature adult!