"At least I tried!": 16 people who tried…
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"At least I tried!": 16 people who tried to be chefs at home and failed miserably

March 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The culinary arts are certainly not for everyone. There are people who are gifted in some areas and others with different inclinations. Fortunately, we are not all the same, but that doesn't mean we don't all have to apply ourselves to cooking at some point, after all, we all have to eat. Well yes, in the world there are also people who really give it their all but fail to turn out anything edible, creating a disaster every time in the kitchen. Fortunately, however, very often they accept their failings with a pinch of irony and immortalize their culinary "masterpieces" on the web. Here we have selected for you some of the funniest: it is impossible not to laugh at these "special dishes"!

These were once zucchini...

An oven-ready disaster!

Imagine the pain and disappointment suffered by the creator of this delicious baked pasta; maybe it took hours and hours to prepare it with so much commitment and love, only to discover after a long time of cooking in the oven, that something wasn't quite right! Luckily they accepted it with irony and ... gave us all something to laugh at!


The fourth attempt to make a cake for my grandfather's birthday: time to give up!

This was supposed to be a tasty pancake breakfast: let's start the day right!

A bitter disappointment: preparing pancakes for breakfast in the morning is one of the most common joys and culinary traditions in North American society; it's one thing, however, to turn out an imperfect pancake, quite another thing to find this horror a the plate! 

A cookie that seems to be crying out for help!


Rather than homemade sushi, this is more like a Picasso masterpiece!

The perfect bean soup!


This is risotto?

A nightmare for any person who has had the misfortune to take their eye off the risotto and then find themselves having to throw everything away, including the pan itself!

This was supposed to be delicious fluffy bread, but instead...


They look like salted chips, but infact they were supposed to be waffles...what a disaster!

Someone cooked their pasta in Gatorade...this should be illegal!

We do not know what went through the mind of the creator of this "crime against cooking", but they certainly shouldn't get away with it ... the question that arises in the end is this: what on earth did it taste like?

The cake my mom sent me for Easter ... looks delicious!

There is a story behind this photo: my mother had prepared a tasty cake for Easter but, living far away and there being a generalized lockdown in the way, she saw fit to mail it to me: it arrived a month later, in this pitiful condition!

Itmight look like an exploded cheeseburger, but instead it's my attempt at a birthday cake for my husband: a masterpiece!

image: aant85/Reddit

I assure you this was not the result I anticipated!

A frozen pizza left in the oven for 6 hours...sorry, I fell asleep!

The slice of pizza from my canteen ... what a treat

Since you are reading this we are absolutely sure that you will want to have a good laugh at more of these unmissable dishes and from incompetent chefs. We recommend you take a trip to the Cucinaremale Facebook group and this Reddit group. You will see proof that the culinary arts, despite the popularity of cookery programs on TV, are absolutely not for everyone. Well, at least they tried! 

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