They parked the car where it wasn't allowed and it hinders the construction workers: they take their revenge and the situation worsens -
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They parked the car where it wasn't…
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They parked the car where it wasn't allowed and it hinders the construction workers: they take their revenge and the situation worsens

February 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes one of the most insurmountable and intolerable things in life are particularly rude people. Rudeness, ignorance, lack of tact, are all too rooted in the society we live  today, for this reason it is always satisfying to take your revenge against these individuals. These construction workers offer us an incredible story of "revenge" against a truly selfish and rude person, and how they were forced to take extreme action to get rid of them!

The construction foreman, witness to the rudeness of the female "victim" of these workers' eleborate revenge plan, told this incredible and funny story openly on the Reddit ProRevenge group with these words: "I'm working in construction as a foreman on the build of a new house. This house is perched on a hill and can only be reached via a footpath. All our materials have to come up this path by hand, so it is very hard for us. One of our saving graces is having the two parking spaces on the road at the foot of the hill marked with official no-parking signs. Unfortunately there is an elementary school about half a block away and the parents of the children often seem to think it is okay to park in our spaces. Now I consider myself a reasonable person, so if someone is parked in the spaces and we don't have a delivery or the need to park a truck that's fine too, if we need the spaces and there's someone parked there though, I will ask them to move and most of the time they do it immediately, but not today.

I got a call from the timber delivery truck and he says he will arrive in two or three minutes. I let him know that I will meet him on the street and make sure he has space to park. Of course I didn't want him parked in the middle of the street when we have great parking for him. As I go down the hill, I notice that there is a parent from the school sitting in her car. Assuming she is just waiting to pick up her son, I walk over to her car and kindly let her know that it is parked in a restricted area and we really need it freed up to park the incoming truck. She replies, "I'll only take a few minutes and your truck is not here, calm down!" Before I can answer, a giant timber truck turns the corner and I wave my hand at him, then I gesture at him to the woman in the car who has now rolled up her window to ignore me, then the truck stops beside her car and I ask her again politely, in a louder tone of voice to move her vehicle, reminding her that it is parked in a removal zone. Then I get a brilliant idea: I asked the delivery driver to park as close as possible to her and to block her in, trapping her between two parking spaces. When the woman realizes that she has been blocked, she puts her baby on her back and then begins to realize that she has no way to get out. She rushes to me and says, "I'm in a hurry, you need to move your damn truck now so I can go." Before I can reply, the driver replies: "Ma'am, in order to unload the timber from the truck we had to take it off the ties and according to our company policy, I'm not allowed to move the truck with the insecured load on it. I'm sorry!"

She screams and rushes back to her car and angrily climbs back through the passenger door and sits in the driver's seat. At this point the police officer who has intervened is approaching me and the driver, but before he can even reach us, the mother in the car puts the car in reverse and presses the gas, then crashes into the truck, then tries to get on the sidewalk and drive off from there. The officer, the driver and I are staring in disbelief as she gets halfway down the curb and gets stuck, after which the officer promptly approaches the car door and orders her to get out: the woman did not realize she had done in this front of a police officer!

Meanwhile, my boys finish moving the rest of the lumber while the woman was arrested, charged with Child Endangerment, (her son was in the back of the car the whole time), reckless driving, property destruction (the back of the truck) and driving with a suspended license. On top of that, the car was towed away, and the kid went home with his grandmother while she went to spend some time in a cell!


What do you think, after this bizarre incident, will this woman will have learned not to park where it's not allowed?


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