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It is much more than a simple summer fruit! Here are the remarkable effects of watermelon on our body ...

The mere sight of a tray filled with slices of watermelon immediately evokes the summer season since as a fruit, it absolutely dominates the table during the summer. Many people are mistakenly convinced…

Hair loss is often due to a lack of vitamins, so here are the essential ones to keep your hair healthy and strong!

Hair loss can have different causes, including a genetic predisposition, stress, an illness, or the side effects of drugs, but also diet deficiencies. Therefore, in this article we will specifically deal…

Zucchini are not only rich in vitamins! Here are some other beneficial properties that you may not know about!

Zucchini are a very popular vegetable and highly appreciated both by adults and children - thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for many different preparations. Zucchini are composed of 95% water…

Pay attention to the shrimps you eat! Here is why shrimps can be a health hazard

Aquaculture aka aquafarming, or the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, mollusks, and crustaceans, is experiencing a moment of strong growth, to such an extent that low-intensity farms have been…

Rosemary, a plant with incredible and little known benefits!

Before the advent of the pharmaceutical industry, as we know it today, skilled practitioners had always used herbal and medicinal remedies to treat ailments, alleviate symptoms, and heal various types…

15 very common foods that you did not know could alleviate joint pains

Joint pain affects one or more joints in the body and can actually be physically disabling in the long run. If you suffer from joint pain due to injury or simply suffer from chronic arthritis, you will…

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