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He can't stand having to throw away unsold food every night, so he gives it to the homeless: the company fires him

Doing the right thing, at times, can be very expensive but if you are convinced that you are doing good we believe it is more than necessary to insist on following your heart. Bryan Johnston is a 16-year-old…

The magic of cake design: 15 cakes so perfect that they deserve a place of honor in a museum

A delicious cake is eaten not only with the mouth but also with the eyes. Yes, because today, the subtle art of cake design has become a very respectable profession, where every willing, talented and…

22 people who could have done without the chef's originality in order to eat from a "real" dish

When booking a lunch or dinner at the restaurant we always anticipate spending some pleasant time in the company of those we love most and, of course, enjoying some good food. Unless you only book your…
Absurd Food Funny

17 naughty pets who were caught red handed while stealing their masters' food

Having a pet in the house is a real blessing in most cases: they light up our darkest days, keeping us company and making us always feel loved. No matter how many misdeeds your dog or cat may have committed…

16 fun cakes we didn't think anyone would have the guts to make

Who doesn't like cake? Although there are and always will be those who love salty more than sweet, a birthday cake is almost always welcome. And if it is also aesthetically appealing and imaginative,…
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5 foods that it would be better not to heat or cook directly in the microwave

The microwave oven is a household appliance that is now found in most people's homes, as it meets the needs of those of us who do not have much time to devote to the preparation of lunches and dinners.…

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