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Those who love cheese live longer, a scientific study confirms it

The secret to a long and happy life? More cheese. Yes, we are talking about the famous Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheeses, and indeed all the other dairy products, especially the aged ones.…

The 6 foods that increase serotonin which is your brain's favorite food!

If happiness had a recipe, it would consist exclusively of a large quantity of serotonin. Yes, this neurotransmitter is responsible for all those moments in our daily life in which we feel happy, relaxed,…

Can you eat the “good” part of moldy bread? Here is the answer!

Shopping for food or groceries daily is a habit that is becoming less and less widespread, and to blame is a more frenetic pace of life and less free time available. So, it happens that most people go…

A mother claims to have succeeded in improving her daughter's autism just by changing her diet!

In recent years, autism has been increasingly discussed. This term identifies a series of disorders that hinder a child's cognitive development and ability to form interpersonal relationships.  There…

Here is what happens to your body if you add celery to your daily diet

Not everyone knows that eating celery can bring great improvement to our health. Unknown to many people, there is a long list of amazing benefits for our body that will help you understand why celery…

A supermarket decides to eliminate all foreign products from its shelves, to protest against racism

How many times have we not understood the true value of something until it was gone?  Thus, it may happen that we do not realize how globalized the reality is in which were are living, how there are…

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