This tractor eliminates weeds without using herbicides --- here is how it functions! -
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This tractor eliminates weeds without…
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This tractor eliminates weeds without using herbicides --- here is how it functions!


Do you also believe that history moves in a circular pattern and that sooner or later we will return to doing what our ancestors used to do?

In fact, even today we have already seen some signs of this trend. Flame Engineering Inc. is a US company specializing in the sale of tractors mounted with flame weeding units.

Does this seem absurd? This is nothing more than an ancient technique used to eradicate weeds from crop fields. Moreover, given the dangers of chemical pesticides, fire, seems to be the best alternative solution.

Organic farmers have few resources to fight weeds that grow among their crops, threatening their proper development. 

To eliminate them, they can only use organic products or do it manually. Now, however, an old method, adequately modernized, seems to have come back into vogue. 

The method involves the installation of numerous propane burners on tractors that emit tongues of fire that reduce weeds to ashes. The effectiveness does not lie in the fact that the weeds are burned, but rather on the fact that in this way the entire cellular structure is destroyed. In fact, the weeds will not be able to grow again because the root system will also have been damaged. 

Obviously, the results change depending on the extension of the parasitic weeds and the depth of their roots. This is a very useful method that could discourage the use of chemical herbicides, that are dangerous for the environment and people's health.

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