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5 appliances that consume electricity even when turned off ... and weigh on the electric bill!

From year to year, we add more and more electric roommates to our homes. The development of technology has surrounded us with devices that are certainly very useful but must be kept under control. In…

Coffee is an unsuspected, highly effective, and natural weapon against mosquito attacks

Mosquitoes are attracted to humid places, yes, this is true, but also to the smell of our skin, exposed without defenses to the attacks of these hateful insects. In fact, when we want to be in the garden that…

How to grow zucchini on your balcony and make it grow in quantity

In their season, zucchini should not be missing from your table because they lend themselves to a large number of recipes, both simple and more complex, most commonly salty but also as desserts! Zucchini…

Epsom salt --- all the benefits of this useful mineral compound ... at home and in the garden!

Probably not everyone is familiar with Epsom salt, even if it is an extraordinarily useful product. It is a mineral belonging to the epsomite group, or for the enthusiasts of chemistry the official…

7 plants that you should keep in your house to be able to sleep better!

Having plants in the house is a natural way to purify the air. In fact, through their respiration, plants are able to eliminate toxic molecules in the air coming from paint, furniture, and fabrics present…
Green Health Houses

11 beneficial properties of basil and how to make it flourish also at home!

This is a classic case when we can say "a name, a destiny". In fact, the basil plant, whose very name derives from the Greek word basilikon and means "royal plant", cannot wrongly be considered the…

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