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Here is how to choose and clean a stainless steel water bottle as a practical alternative to plastic bottles

The problem regarding plastic pollution is becoming an increasingly discussed topic and on which, fortunately, awareness is growing. Moreover, there are many small daily gestures that each of us can do…

Wearing clothes without ironing them?! This is a new campaign to protect the environment. Goodbye to ironing!

Ironing is one of those really boring and tiring household chores that most of us constantly try to avoid, especially in the summer. Many refuse to iron at all since they are certain they will not achieve…

Asian supermarkets that use banana leaves instead of plastic packaging to save our oceans!

Data and estimates are notable: By 2050, in our oceans, there may be more plastic than fish. This is a sad and not very reassuring forecast, which should never be underestimated.  Although, this is…

A 13-year-old girl is teased because she collects litter in her city and now she has gained worldwide attention

If everyone in their own small way, took personal responsibility to stem the widespread problem of pollution in our environment, planet Earth would be a better place. This is because there are no global…

Aloe vera gel: here are all the benefits and simple steps to prepare it at home

Aloe vera is a plant with countless beneficial qualities, widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry to make medicinal and body care products. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, aloe vera has…
DIY Green Health

Garlic alcohol - How to prepare this powerful insecticide that is both ecological and inexpensive

Every day at home various products are used to wash clothes and dishes, to polish the furniture, clean surfaces, and objects, without even discussing products used for personal hygiene and as cosmetics.…

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