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Aloe vera gel: here are all the benefits and simple steps to prepare it at home

Aloe vera is a plant with countless beneficial qualities, widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry to make medicinal and body care products. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, aloe vera has…
DIY Green Health

Garlic alcohol - How to prepare this powerful insecticide that is both ecological and inexpensive

Every day at home various products are used to wash clothes and dishes, to polish the furniture, clean surfaces, and objects, without even discussing products used for personal hygiene and as cosmetics.…

11 natural antibiotics that help us eliminate bacteria from our body without using drugs

Before the advent of traditional medicine to help cure more or less serious ailments, people used the help offered by Mother Nature. Over time, scientific research has achieved extraordinary results…

14 tips to have a flourishing and cared for garden, without spending a fortune!

We have always said and provided scientific evidence, that gardening is good for the mind and body. And that taking care of a green space; seeing it change and flourish thanks to one's efforts and…

5 appliances that consume electricity even when turned off ... and weigh on the electric bill!

From year to year, we add more and more electric roommates to our homes. The development of technology has surrounded us with devices that are certainly very useful but must be kept under control. In…

Coffee is an unsuspected, highly effective, and natural weapon against mosquito attacks

Mosquitoes are attracted to humid places, yes, this is true, but also to the smell of our skin, exposed without defenses to the attacks of these hateful insects. In fact, when we want to be in the garden that…

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