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14 gardening ideas to best enhance balconies…
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14 gardening ideas to best enhance balconies while spending the absolute minimum

May 01, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Owning a house with balconies is an excellent opportunity to do some gardening, taking advantage of all the benefits of living in a building, that has balconies (yes, they still exist).

The important thing is to be organized, to avoid turning a balcony into a confusing corner that has the appearance of being in a state of abandonment --- and to have clear ideas about the project you want to realize.

If you have not yet decided how to make the most of a balcony, then here are some ideas that can inspire you.

Use a wooden pallet to create a vertical garden.

In a common plastic container, you can create a small vegetable garden! Just remember to drill holes in the bottom to ensure water drainage.


A wooden plank for aromatic plants.

One of the beautiful ideas that can be realized with wooden fruit crates.

image: WhoLiving

The details make the difference! Instead of the usual planters, pots, or vases, create a green corner with original and unusual plant containers.

image: WhoLiving

A graceful and elegant idea to be realized with painted PVC pipes.

A complete kitchen garden conveniently located on a balcony.

image: Man Made

If you do not have much space, you can use the corners!

image: Plantgasm

An ancient wooden ladder creates a very romantic atmosphere!


Hanging storage pockets for objects can become original planters for a vertical garden.

image: Pinterest

A simple idea that is also quite impressive!

Cement blocks? With a touch of color they can create a modern and cheerful space for your green plants and flowers.

image: Design Feria

Bi-colored cans for a green corner.

Do you love upcycling? Well, combining it with DIY gardening is perfect!

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