This mother put her daughter's life at risk by making her sit still for too long in a car seat during a trip -
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This mother put her daughter's life…
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This mother put her daughter's life at risk by making her sit still for too long in a car seat during a trip

May 01, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It was supposed to be a pleasant return home after a short family vacation, but the trip risked turning into a tragedy!

What was most shocking to Kirsti Clark, mother of two girls, one a three-year-old and the other a 3-week-old baby, was the fact that nobody had warned her of the danger to which the smallest had been exposed to and of which no parent is probably aware of.

In fact, upon arriving home after two hours of travel by car, Harper, her newborn daughter, had blue lips, red cheeks, and foam coming from her mouth and nose.

Kirsti could not explain her daughter's illness. The little baby had been sitting in an infant car seat all the time they had been traveling which was for about two hours.


The trip back home, in fact, was supposed to be much shorter, but the congested traffic had prolonged their return. The child had been placed in an appropriate infant car seat, and had slept all the time and had not shown any signs of malaise in the previous hours. 

Kirsti and her husband immediately took their newborn daughter to the hospital, where they soon learned the truth about what had happened.

This is a mishap to which many children are exposed but one that most parents are completely unaware! The doctors who revived Harper told Kirsti and her husband that their daughter had experienced severe oxygen deficiency due to prolonged immobility and that the restoration of breathing, when they had lifted from the seat, had caused a shock. This happens especially to younger children who do not have the instinct to move and the necessary motor skills to change their position. 

These parents had run the risk of losing their newborn baby to something they absolutely did not know anything about and would never have imagined. That's why this woman wanted to share what had happened on social media networks, to spread her message to more people! Never leave your children for hours sitting in infant car seats. Make planned stops, help the baby move and change positions, and avoid long journeys.

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