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This man had an ingenious idea on how to plant tomatoes in the garden using a plastic bucket

If you have a small yard but you'd like to give planting some tomatoes a try, look no further than James Bryan's method for growing tomatoes. On his blog Home Talk, James posted a simple and ingenious…

5 tips on how you can grow basil in the comfort of your own home

Basil is a staple in mediterranean cuisine, but is loved by so many others for its aroma and refreshing taste. Its flavor goes well with so many ingredients, but perhaps those with which it goes best…

An ingenious way to water your garden: using recycled plastic bottles as an irrigation system could be a way to cut down on water waste

People are passionate about gardening at about any age. It's not only a hobby that gives back (especially for those who grow a vegetable garden), but it's also very therapeutic. Whether you've been gardening…
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Garlic as a natural repellent against plant parasites: an excellent infusion that keeps away aphids and fungi

More and more people are passionate about the world of gardening and plan to take it up in their own garden or even on their balcony. In fact, to have some aromatic herbs plants or a small supply of lettuce…

Vinegar, salt, and soap: a simple and cost-friendly way to keep weeds from growing in your garden

If you're lucky to have a front yard or a garden, you've most likely experienced how annoying it can be to keep weeds from sprouting up. Weeds are definitely a nuisance to us all: they're ugly and usually…

Some useful tips to take care of an orchid at home: they are beautiful plants, but also very delicate

Orchids are beautiful indoor plants, which certainly give an elegant and personal touch to any corner of your home, but which need a lot of care in order to always be in great shape. Unlike in the past,…
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